Setting the stage for realtime analytic tools

Hi all,

Following release by MCFC and Opta of extensive games data, I decided to explore possibilities to push soccer analytics to real-time domain. The goal being to provide real-time tools that will complement live assessments in order to support coaches in their tactical and strategic decisions during a game.

Nothing replaces deep knowledge and vast experience. Those real-time tools won’t ever replace those skills but they will bring a quantitative dimension completing what coaches observe and analyze on the field.

Based on live data, those tools will bring in live intelligence about things coaches obviously see like shots, deep penetration in offensive zone, turnovers, etc. but those events would now be seen in an continuous quantitative perspective.

Those tools would also highlight things that are not seen at first glance, like:

  • fluctuation of the rate of ball takeovers in midfield that are converted into deep penetration in opponent’s territory
  • fluctuation of time possession, of offensive zone penetration
  • fluctuation of time to get the ball out of the defensive zone
  • and so on

Those tools would also enable alerting linked to preset thresholds.

So, this is the area I intend to explore hoping to have fun and to bring something that can be useful someday.



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